Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet unveils new label with recyclable packaging

At Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet, we launched a fresh new, sustainable label for our clementine line. It focusses on our more than 110 years of citrus heritage with an eye-catching design and is introduced on fully recyclable packaging. As part of our sustainable journey and as a global leader in the industry, we are committed to use 100% recyclable packing by 2025.

However, packaging is just one of Greenyard’s many goals for the future in our sustainability roadmap. The company is also aligned with the retailers’ sustainable goals, so this is a step forward to a healthier future for all of us. This new film and net are both made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a type of plastic that can be recycled through store drop-off bins. The new label can be found in stores during the months of July through November in 3lb and 2lb format.

“Seald Sweet was born as a Florida Citrus cooperative in 1909 and has been growing, packing, distributing, and selling fresh produce since then. Growing from citrus, to importing a wide variety of products, we have continued to remain a leader in this evolving industry,” says Mayda Sotomayor, Managing Director of Greenyard USA/Seald Sweet. “Be on the lookout for more exciting things coming from us this year,” she reports.